Lavender Cuisine Services

·    Personal chef services featuring organic, seasonal, local and sustainable Vegetarian/Vegan Mediterranean gourmet cuisine prepared in your kitchen and tailored to your personal taste. 

·    Private, group and corporate culinary classes including artisan chocolate making, Vegetarian/ Vegan Mediterranean cooking, and wine pairing (minimum 5 people, maximum 100). 

·    Vegetarian/Vegan Mediterranean catering for all occasions (up to 100 people).



For the list of my 2018 Chocolate, Vegan-Vegetarian Cooking & Wine Pairing Classes and Declutter Your Life Workshops, plus easy online registration, please click here.  All classes and workshops are held at Silver Mountain Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 


Additionally, if you would like to host a Chocolate, Vegetarian/Vegan Mediterranean Cooking and Wine Pairing class in your home (minimum 5 people, maximum 10), your attendance will be free and I'll throw in a lovely bottle of wine from Silver Mountain Vineyards! Contact me for details on how we can partner together to bring one of these popular events to your home.  


I look forward to seeing you in my classes! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Chef Ellie Lavender 






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Meet Chef Ellie Lavender!

My journey as a self-taught vegan Mediterranean chef started at age 7 with my decision to become a vegetarian. Having asked my mom to prepare vegetarian foods, her reply was: “It’s time for you to learn how to cook so that you can make any kind of food you want”. I started cooking and found absolute joy in experimenting with the bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs (lavender always being my favorite) from our organic garden. This early encounter with the joy of cooking led me to create Lavender Cuisine because cooking truly is my greatest passion! I offer personal chef services, vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean cooking, chocolate and wine pairing classes and catering throughout Santa Cruz County and the South Bay. I use a wide variety of fresh, organic local produce and ingredients from local farmer’s markets in Santa Cruz County. 


The name Lavender Cuisine comes from my wonderful experience with the amazing healing power of lavender—a story that has its origins in my early childhood in the south of France. I was introduced to lavender at the age of six. My mom used to make me a glass of warm milk infused with lavender flowers and honey whenever I had an upset stomach or could not sleep. It always made me feel good and was simply wonderful. I learned the art of cooking and baking with culinary lavender at a very early age by experimenting with it and loving the results. Culinary lavender adds a delightful and exotic flavor to any sweet or savory creation. 

Lavender has touched my life in many magical ways and I would welcome the opportunity to introduce it into yours. Chef Ellie Lavender 



Recipe of the Month: Chocolate Almond Lavender Cookies!


Celebrate the holiday season and warm up your kitchen by baking Chocolate Almond Lavender Cookies. These lovely bitter-sweet cookies are super yummy, easy to make and they make a great holiday gift too!

Click here for the recipe.


Happy Baking!

Chef Ellie Lavender




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